Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Veretekk To V2 - Virtual Marketing Tools

Veretekk is unique in many respects and you will be so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this system.. For years we have seen this virtual marketing tool grow and grow. You know all to well that "marketing" is the key to success! Free Traffic Portals,Mailing Services and Daily Training are the core. Veretekk has not remained static. There are 15 Traffic Portals, 4 Profit Portals, 1 Regional Portals, 16 SEO Portals ...truly amazing sites with their own powerful features.

We give away valuable services to folk wishing to market on line or off line too! It is only after we get to know each other that the inevitable question comes up "and what do you market on the internet?"

If you have not heard V2 is being built now in stages with the first stage started in January. You ask what is NEW? Premium conference rooms, send your marketing pieces to your leads daily, add leads (opt-in verified) up to 300,000 per month, download 1,000's of verified harvested leads by Veretekk every day, use the Drill to create 100's of back leads to your sites...there is lots more.

Yet to come is the completion of a premium mailing system with pop account features, totally secure auto-responder without using your own e-mail account and intregraded with the leads system!. Would you believe HOSTING....no ordinary hosting account but a high end hosting services.

Ok, enough said just check out these services Blastomatic or eTracking...they are free! At $10 monthly Leadsomatic blast your ads to 2 Billion websites! Better yet big spender, sign up for free to Blastomatic or e-Tracking and we will meet in my VereConference Room for a tour of Veretekk/V2....it will be fun.

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